Dreamlanding is a celebration of everything American, the land of dreams as it was called by immigrants seeking a better life. From Sea to Shining Sea our forefathers have built what is now America the strongest and freest country on earth with a rich history of Legends and Stories

From Spooky Legends like the Lost Dutchman Mine and the tall tales of Paul Bunyan to Pecos Bill our country is filled with a rich history of Legends and stories that are truly American. We are bringing back stories once told around the campfires or on long winter nights. Our stories are American having been around long before a certain Mouse and are truly American folklore that most children of today have never heard. 

Dreamlanding USA is one more thing and that's Family Entertainment at the lowest possible cost

Our hope is to build a new family destination location for real hard- working Americans who need a better option then Florida or California one not requiring a bank loan just to have a vacation.

Starting with a good entertainment mix over Seven themed lands plus main street to be opened in the first two years (Phase 1 and Phase 2) we hope you will agree.

Proposed Areas

Adventure Way (Main Street)  Open Phase 1

Bayou Country Open Phase 1

Tumbleweed Gulch Open Phase 1 

Timber Country Open Phase 2

Enchanted Woods Open Phase 2

Country Fair Open Phase 1

Area 51 Open Phase 2

River Port  Open Phase 1

The above are the opening themed areas for the first two seasons of operation that will be followed by others over the coming years. 

Four Island Areas will also open in phase 1 as follows

Fort Freedom

Inspiration Island

Lafitte Island

Camp Island

In addition we will be opening a small water park (Tikiland) with Phase One that will be expanded in year two.

Please let us know what you think and if you have ideas you wish to share you can write us from the home page.

Thank you 

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Please keep checking back for Future updates!

We are in Final Development of the basic storyboard and layout of this future park and will be announcing the location very shortly.

Thank you for your continued support of our project. 

Let's turn back the clock

The following songs give you an idea of what Inspires some of the theming for our park! This is only a small sample of music and stories we draw inspiration from. Enjoy!!

Sometimes, we just have to have fun with our past.

A Mississippi Storyteller 

Songs and Folklore of America's past 

We use other ideas and legends as well

However this music is just pure fun we hope you agree!