Update from our Company CEO Danny Rogers

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I started this idea of building a Major Amusement Park in the south now well over 23 years ago before Jazzland in New Orleans was even built. I like a lot of you lost it all when Katrina devastated the coast. I spent years with the hope of recovering the Six Flags Park in New Orleans just to be handed one disappointment after another. I watched my wife go through hell as she was hit by one stroke after another just to have her taken from me on July 24, 2015. She like me had hopes of building a place where Families could come to enjoy a day of fun together.  I now press on alone but always keeping her spirit and ideas alive. You see she always hated Amusement park food (She was a Master Chef) and made me promise that when the park was built it would offer good food at reasonable prices.  

Over this time, I have put forth a lot of project ideas and talked to perhaps thousands of people along the way. The hardest to convince has always been the investor type you know the old saying "No Bucks, No Buck Rogers". After years of talking with investors and in truth being turned down more than once we now have investors who can and will put up the needed funding to build in Mississippi from the ground up. In short,  all  the needed funding has become available to get the job done.  We are talking about hundreds of Millions of Dollars that will need to be spent over time to make this a true Destination Location.

It's simple faith in God can and will move mountains or in this case allow a dream to come true.

Don't get me wrong this park requires the hard work and ideas of a lot of very dedicated people who working as a team will bring this park to life. All I did was push the idea and now it's in the hands of a team who I think will defy even my wildest dreams of what this park will be.  We are now in the homestretch to starting the construction of this new attraction. Yes, it's going to take a little more time to build it and we feel that taking the time to do it right is far more important than rushing the job.

  We hope that once we complete the Mississippi project you will come for a visit to experience for yourself the next generation in High Quality Low Cost Family Entertainment.

We are now anticipating a Major Press Release with location and other details within the next 40 to 60 days.

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