Update from our Company CEO Danny Rogers

Welcome Friends, 

As of today, we are well underway to bringing the newest theme park in the South to life for Spring 2021 (projected) 

As has been reported this park will have over 63 Rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy on a sprawling 885 acres. Attractions will be located in 7 distinct themed areas and include a Main Street called Adventure Way (so 8 areas in total)   

The rides you can expect to find at our park will include both New and Classic (rebuilt) equipment.  In short you will find rides that your grandparents enjoyed in their youth as well as all new state of the art extreme thrill rides and yes 10 roller coasters from mild to extreme that are sure to make you scream. However, while we are indeed looking out for you Adrenalin Rush types, that's far from the end of the story. This park is designed for every member of the family with adventure rides, targeting dark rides, sit down indoor animatronic shows, live performances, and a host of other things to see and do that are sure to make your visit memorable.

This is not just another thrill park like Six Flags nor are we a Disney or Universal. This park is to be a combination of all that is best in other parks from around the world, with the most important thing being a cost to you and your family that is affordable to the average working family.     

Our philosophy is you should not need to take out a bank loan just to have a wonderful family vacation.

Some parks attract you with a lower gate price and then hit your wallet with outrageous food costs or add-ons that are sky high from $25 just to park your car to $8 hamburgers and when you add fries and a drink you pay about $12. per person. In short, a family of 4 puts out $48.00 just to eat one less then healthy meal. (Now what working family can afford that?) Our idea is very simple for around $9.00 per person you can sit down to an all you can eat Buffet that includes food drinks as well as dessert.  That's a savings of $12 (example) and your entire family has not only been fed but has had a very healthy selection of foods.

Yes, you can still get that junk food fix but at about half or less the cost that other parks will charge you. 

Some folks in the industry have asked me why be so foolish, the public will pay the asking rate and you are turning away profits. My answer is very simple there is a big difference between profit and greed and of late Corporate America has been taking major profits at the expense of the hard-working people in this country. This is affecting families with both parents now required to hold down full time jobs just to make ends meet. This new reality is affecting our family values and structure in ways that are too numerous to explain. Besides when I was a Kid (back in the stone age) my parents took me to Disneyland and it's a memory I carry with me to this day. Now, that the cost is so far above what most working people can afford it's time to turn back the clock and remember that, a family that plays together stays together and provide a new playground for family entertainment.  Dreamlanding U.S.A. is being built for exactly that reason. 

We hope that once we complete the Mississippi project you will come for a visit to experience for yourself the next generation in Earth-Friendly, High-Quality, Low-Cost Family Entertainment.

We are now anticipating an Official Groundbreaking Ceremony Late Summer or Early Fall.

Thanks for stopping by and Have a Blessed Day      


Danny Rogers



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