company basic information


Basic Company Information.

Dreamlanding U.S.A. is owned and being constructed by Dreamlanding LTD a Mississippi Company.  Currently Dreamlanding LTD is a Limited Liability Company (L.L.C.) Founded in 2017

The company is now preparing to open new offices next to the project site and the new address along with phone numbers will be released shortly.   

The company now has (or is working on) agreements with ride manufacturing companies from around the world. The company is (or is about to) open 3 major manufacturing and or fabrication areas all located next to the main park property within an existing industrial park. This group of complexes is also connected with rail, water as well as interstate roadways. 

Dreamlanding U.S.A. is being financed through private loans and other types of investment  and in no way is using Taxpayer funds, bonds or other public moneys. This is not to imply that the use of tax credits or other incentive programs will not be used if available. 

The company is controlled by a Board of Directors who include several of the investors as well as legal counsel and the founders, who are overseeing the construction of the project. 

Day to day operations fall to Mr. Danny Rogers the company CEO and his Team. 

The location of the project has not been released to the public as our team continues to acquire surrounding lands in order to build a very large buffer zone around the park.  At this point the company is now in control of over 2200 acres of land. 

Phase One is projected to use 885 acres (+/-)

As to the projected cost to construct the new park the numbers have not yet been released to the public. It can be reported that the combined current committed funding is in excess of One Billion U.S. Dollars for phase one and two.

The company is not seeking any more investment, however companies who may wish to become advertisers within the project may contact us for more information about sponsorship of certain rides and or attractions.  

A very limited amount of vendor shops will be available on a first come bases only. (Please send inquires to

All press requests should be sent to

More information will be released on this site as it becomes available. 

Thank you for your interest and please check back soon for updates.