affordable family entertainment

Project Overview

The one thing we do not have in the deep south is a Major Amusement Park that is both Family Friendly and Affordable. A place for families to spend the day together just having fun, a place you can go without needing to take out a Bank loan.  A place where family values still mean something, a place to make lasting memories.

This is our mission, and this is what we are now building. (Land preparation now underway)

To be constructed, now or in the near Future:


Theme Park

Concert Area

Major E-Gaming Arena 

Water Park

R.V. Park and Camping Area


Convention Center

Night Life and Shopping Zone


Add to this Shuttle Service to area Casinos other Hotels and both airports at Gulfport and New Orleans International. 

We are building a Destination Resort where the whole family can come and play with easy access to everything the coast has to offer.

Basic Company Information.

Dreamlanding U.S.A. is owned and being constructed by Dreamlanding LTD a Mississippi Company.  Currently Dreamlanding LTD is an LLC with plans in the near future to become an IPO after the construction and opening of Phase One has been completed.

The company now has (or is working on) agreements with ride manufacturing companies from around the world

Dreamlanding U.S.A. is being financed through private loans and other types of investment  and in no way is using Taxpayer funds, bonds or other public moneys.

The company is controlled by a Board of Directors who include several of the investors as well as legal counsel and the founders, who are overseeing the construction of the project. 

Day to day operations fall to Mr. Danny Rogers the company CEO and his Team. 

The location of the project has not been released to the public as our team continues to acquire surrounding lands in order to build a very large buffer zone around the park.  At this point the company is now in control of over 2200 acres of land. 

Phase One is projected to use 885 acres (+/-)

As to the projected cost to construct the new park the numbers have not yet been released to the public. 

More information will be released on this site as it becomes available. 

Thank you for your interest and please check back soon for updates.