building with the whole FAMILY in mind


At long last a New Major Amusement Park for America, a Vacation Destination, Affordable and Fun for the Whole Family.

The concept of this park is to be a place of next generation fun along with some good old fashion excitement, a place where everyone has something to enjoy while making memories that last a lifetime. This was the concept that Walt Disney pioneered but one that has now been commercialized to the point that it's all about the money. It's time to turn back the clock, while also moving into the future of entertainment and provide a place that everyone can afford, a new Home of imagination a place of joy and lasting memories. This is our mission at Dreamlanding USA.

We are employing and pressing into service some of the most talented people and companies in the world, in order to build this new place of family entertainment.

So welcome to our web site please look around as we are always changing things while providing updates. Also please tell your friends and family about us. 

But most of all, we hope that once we get into operation you will make plans to visit the Gulf Coast of Mississippi where there is adventure and history around every corner!    


Please Note: We give full credit to any and all artists, editors, photographers, writers or other contributors of information used on this web site. All such information can be found in the public domain and we acknowledge the author wherever possible by not removing any  water marks from that work.  




a family vacation that is affordable



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